What is Breadcrumb in WordPress Website and its Importance

Breadcrumb in WordPress website is a navigational tool that helps users to track their path from the homepage to the specific page they are currently on. It usually appears as a trail of links at the top or bottom of a page, showing the hierarchy of the website structure.

What is the Function of Breadcrumbs in WordPress?

Breadcrumbs in WordPress serve as a guide for users to easily navigate through the website. It helps them understand where they are in the website hierarchy and allows them to quickly jump to higher-level pages if needed.

Why are Breadcrumbs Important in a Website?

Breadcrumbs play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience on a website. They improve navigation, reduce bounce rates, and increase the overall usability of the site. Additionally, breadcrumbs can also have a positive impact on SEO by providing search engines with clear information about the site structure.

How to Create Breadcrumbs in WordPress:

  1. Install a Compatible Theme: If you prefer convenience, installing a theme that already supports breadcrumbs is the easiest solution. Many WordPress themes, especially those designed for e-commerce websites, come with built-in breadcrumb functionality.
  2. Maximize RankMath SEO Features: Another way to create breadcrumbs is by utilizing the features of the RankMath SEO plugin. You can add the necessary code to single.php, page.php, or header.php to display breadcrumbs in your WordPress site.

In conclusion, breadcrumbs in a WordPress website are a valuable asset that improves user navigation, reduces bounce rates, and contributes to SEO efforts. By implementing breadcrumbs effectively, you can enhance the overall user experience on your website and make it easier for both visitors and search engines to understand the site structure.

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