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WordPress Website Build Using ACF & Custom Functionality For UNIKEY Academy

I recently had the opportunity to work with one of my best clients, converting their XD design files into a custom WordPress website. The project requirements were extensive, including the development of

  1. A manageable custom events
  2. Automatic registration of audience members into a Google spreadsheet
  3. Support for multilingual functionality
  4. And a responsive site design.

To meet these requirements, I utilized a number of solutions, including

  1. custom page templates for each unique page
  2. the ACF Pro plugin for easier content management with custom fields
  3. WPML for multilingual support
  4. Bootstrap framework for handling responsive design
  5. Create custom nav walker for unique megamenu
  6. I created custom post types for both events and teams
  7. And used Contact Form 7 along with add-ons to allow user submissions to be automatically added to the Google spreadsheet and redirected to a thank-you page

I’m proud to say that the project was a success, and I’m excited to continue working with this client on future endeavors.