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What is Prepros and How Does it Optimize Your Front-End Workflow?

Prepros is a front-end preprocessor and optimizer application that simplifies tasks for front-end developers. It serves as a GUI tool similar to Gulp or Grunt, but with a more user-friendly interface. By handling tasks like compiling Less, Sass, Stylus, linting JS, and optimizing images, Prepros aims to streamline the front-end development process.

What Can Prepros Do for Your Front-End Workflow?

Project Handling

Prepros organizes projects individually within the GUI, creating a .config file to store settings for each project. This allows for easy management and customization of project-related tasks.

Development Ease

Prepros supports various preprocessors like Less, Sass, Stylus for CSS; Haml, Pug, Markdown for HTML; Livescript, Typescript, Coffeescript, Babel for JavaScript. This versatility makes it easier to work with different languages and frameworks.

Concatenation of Files

Prepros allows for the concatenation of files, simplifying the process of merging multiple files into a single output file. This can help optimize code and improve performance.

FTP Upload

The built-in FTP/SFTP client in Prepros enables seamless deployment of projects to servers. Users can also set up automatic uploads upon file changes, making the deployment process more efficient.


In conclusion, Prepros is a valuable tool for front-end developers looking to streamline their workflow. While it may not offer advanced customization options, it covers all the essentials for basic front-end development tasks. Whether you’re compiling code, optimizing assets, or deploying projects, Prepros can help simplify your process. Download and try it for free on Mac, Linux, and Windows to see how it can enhance your development workflow.

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