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How to Install a WordPress Plugin Using FTP

Are you looking for a step-by-step guide on how to install a WordPress plugin using FTP? If you’re experiencing difficulties installing a plugin using the standard WordPress dashboard method, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) might be the solution you’re looking for. Installing plugins through FTP allows you to manually upload plugin files directly to your website server. In this article, we will walk you through the process in a simple and concise way.

Table of Contents

Step by Step

1. Prepare Your FTP Credentials:

  • Ensure you have your FTP client software installed on your computer (such as FileZilla or Cyberduck) and your FTP login credentials handy.

2. Locate the Plugin Files:

  • Visit the official WordPress plugin repository or any trusted source to download the plugin you want to install. Save the plugin ZIP file on your computer.

3. Connect to Your Website Server:

  • Open your FTP client software and enter your FTP hostname, username, password, and port number (usually 21) to establish a connection with your website server.

4. Navigate to the WordPress Root Directory:

  • Once connected, locate the root directory of your WordPress installation. It is usually named ‘public_html,’ ‘www,’ or the same as your domain name.

5. Access the “wp-content” Folder:

  • Open the root directory and find the ‘wp-content’ folder. Inside this folder, you will find the ‘plugins’ directory where all the plugin files are stored.

6. Upload the Plugin Files:

  • Open the ‘plugins’ directory and navigate to the folder where you want to install the plugin (create a new folder if needed). Then, simply drag and drop the extracted plugin files from your computer into this location.

7. Activate the Plugin:

  • After uploading the plugin files, log in to your WordPress admin dashboard. Go to the ‘Plugins’ section and locate the installed plugin. Click on the ‘Activate’ button to activate it.


Installing a WordPress plugin using FTP is a straightforward process that allows you to manually upload plugin files to your website server. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can easily overcome any difficulties you might face when installing plugins through the standard WordPress dashboard. To summarize, prepare your FTP credentials, locate the plugin files, connect to your website server, navigate to the WordPress root directory, upload the plugin files to the plugins directory, and finally, activate the plugin via your WordPress admin dashboard. Happy plugin installation!

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