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How to Check Broken Links on a Website

Broken links on a website can be a major issue for the owners, potentially damaging the reputation and search engine ranking of a site. In this article, we will discuss the problem of broken links and provide you with a solution to quickly and easily check and fix them on your WordPress website.

Broken links can deter visitors from returning to a website, with surveys showing that as many as 88% of visitors will not return to a site if they encounter a 404 error page. However, while broken links can pose a significant problem, they can be addressed effectively to enhance the user experience and maintain the credibility of your website.

2 Ways to Check and Fix Broken Links on a Website

1. Use Google Search Console

1. Access Google Search Console and navigate to the Index Coverage report.

Access Google Search Console

2. Click on the “Excluded” tab and then select “Not Found” (404) errors.

Not Found 404 Google Search Console

3. Review the list of broken links on your website and take necessary actions to fix them.

2. Utilize Ahrefs for SEO Audit

Ahrefs for SEO Audit

1. Sign up for Ahrefs and use their SEO audit tool to scan your website.

2. The tool will highlight any broken links on your site, allowing you to address them promptly and improve your website’s overall SEO performance.

By using these methods, you can efficiently identify and resolve broken links on your website, ensuring a seamless user experience and maintaining the integrity of your online presence. Remember to regularly check for broken links and take proactive measures to prevent them in the future.

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