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Who I am

As a highly skilled web developer, I’m proud to have completed over 200 successful WordPress websites and front-end projects, with nearly 95% of them being white-labeled. I’ve had the privilege of working with clients from around the world, including design agencies, web development firms, marketing agencies, and entrepreneurs seeking specialized WordPress and front-end web development expertise.

My experience extends across various regions, with projects acquired through platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and local agencies in Indonesia. I’m confident in my ability to deliver top-notch WordPress website development services to clients worldwide.

My Expertise

For WordPress

  • Classic Method: Utilizing the classic editor, customizer, and custom fields.
  • Hybrid Gutenberg: Harnessing the power of native Gutenberg, ACF for Gutenberg blocks, and customizer.
  • Headless CMS WordPress: Leveraging Next.js to create headless WordPress solutions.

For Front-End

  • Web Animation with GSAP and Anime.js: I specialize in using GSAP and Anime.js for web animation, bringing websites to life with captivating animations.
  • Tailwind CSS Framework: I excel in using Tailwind CSS as my favorite CSS framework for efficient and responsive web design.

My Website’s Purpose

My website serves as a platform to share my expertise in web development, showcasing recent work, case studies, and building a repository of Tailwind CSS templates. These templates are invaluable assets that I reuse in other projects to expedite development.

Content Objective

Through my website, I aim to provide valuable insights into various web technologies, including WordPress, CSS, Javascript, and HTML.

Get In Touch

Ready to collaborate? Have a project idea in mind? Feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].